Zeus Documentation

Welcome to the Zeus Documentation page. This page provides links to the latest documentation from the Zeus team and community.

Check out the Javadoc for Zeus, Beta 1. It includes documentation on all the classes used in generating Java classes from an XML DTD, as well as the interfaces to be used in other areas of Zeus still under development.

Additionally, you can check out the UML models for the entire Zeus project. These models are generated every time Zeus issues a new release, so be aware that there may be some minor changes between the online models and the latest code from CVS. The current models detail Zeus as it stands in Beta 1 state.

To find out how to run the samples included with Zeus, and see how DTD Binding works, check out Robert Sese's work on running the Zeus Samples. Thanks Robert!

For an in-depth look at data binding, including a glimpse at how Zeus started, there is a series of articles on the IBM DeveloperWorks website which introduces the concepts in data binding, and walks through a slimmed down data binding implementation. The code in these articles is a bit outdated, so you may want to read through the articles for the concepts and then come back and use the Zeus code. The articles are written by the Zeus project chair, Brett McLaughlin, and the code is actually the very first version of what Zeus is today! Check it out:
    Part One: Objects, Objects Everywhere
    Part Two: Make Classes from XML Data
    Part Three: From Text to Byte Code
    Part Four: From Bits to Brackets

Additionally, most of the overall plans for Zeus have been laid out in the mailing list. You should really read this e-mail (from the archive) to see the overall architecture. This will soon be converted to a more suitable format for the web, so please forgive the format now! Zeus "Master Plan"

Finally, if you are wondering why in the world this project is named "Zeus", you should check out this e-mail where Brett McLaughlin explains the naming of the data binding project.