Welcome to Enhydra Zeus Project !

Zeus is, in a nutshell, an open source Java-to-XML Data Binding tool. It provides a means of taking an arbitrary XML document and converting that document into a Java object representing the XML. That Java object can then be used and manipulated like any other Java object in the VM (virtual machine). Then, once the object has been modified and operated upon, Zeus can be used to convert the Java object back into an XML representation.

Recent News

28 January 2004: Zeus Web site moves to ObjectWeb.

Following the merge of the Enhydra.org and ObjectWeb Consortium communities, the Zeus Web site is now hosted by ObjectWeb. It can be reached now at zeus.objectweb.org (zeus.enhydra.org still redirects to this URL). The Zeus's development site is also hosted by the ObjectWeb Forge.

16 August, 2002: Zeus Beta 3.5 Available !

Zeus Beta 3.5 is available for download. This release includes a full refactoring of the build system as well as bug fixes and some new features such as the support for prototypes that can specialized generated class behaviour. Want to give it a try? Get it in source or binary form from the Downloads section.